Here from the start

We’re a first check VC firm helping Israeli founders get to product-market fit faster.

From Nothing
to Something

We love working with our founders on the challenge of zero to one.

Creating something – anything – from scratch is a huge challenge. It’s a challenge we love.

Like you, we come from an entrepreneurial background and can help with the heavy lifting, from product strategy to hiring to storytelling.

We expect some balagan and will help with anything you need.

No product market fit?
No problem.
We back Israeli founder teams
wherever they are
Write $500k to $3.5M checks into priced rounds, CLAs, or SAFEs
Lead rounds,
selectively co-lead or join
Invest across
a variety of sectors

How We See Things

Co-Founder Conviction

We only invest if we're so excited that we would join the team if we weren't investors.
That's how we know that we're fully aligned on vision and strategy.

Embracing “Oh Shit” Moments

Things will go wrong -- launch will be delayed, customers will churn, hiring will be slow.
That’s OK. We’ve lived through these moments ourselves and always have your back.

Never Fire Founders

Investors may get to own some of your company along the way. Maybe even most of it. But the company will always remain your brainchild. Your dream. We’ll never get in the way of that dream.

We'd love to talk

Early stage

It's never too early to get in touch.
In fact, given our investment focus earlier is always better.

Looking for a co-founder

We believe in matchmaking and talk to founders all day long.
If you're looking for co-founders, we might be able to help.

Want to brainstorm

Whether it's ideation, validation, or team building, we're happy to chat about markets, product ideas, and business strategy.