Here from the start

We’re a first-check VC firm helping Israeli founders build from Zero to One

It's Never
Too Early

We make most of our investments based on a team with an idea

We’re happy to talk about – and help with – ideation, validation, finding co-founders, or building the initial team, well before you kick off the first funding round. 

It’s truly never too early. 

Featured Portfolio Companies

Our focus is on PRE consensus
founders and ideas

We are excited about ideas often considered too niche or complex for small checks, and founders who don’t necessarily have the obvious credentials.


Might you be pre consensus?
More on this in our investment thesis

We back Israeli founder teams
wherever they are
Write $500k to $3.5M checks into priced rounds, CLAs, or SAFEs
Invest across
sectors and GTMs
(Consumer, SMB, Enterprise)
Lead rounds,
selectively co-lead or join

Post Investment

Aligned with Founders

We come from founder and operational backgrounds and know things will go wrong - delayed launch, customer churn, slow hiring. We’ve lived through these "oh shit" moments ourselves and always have your back.


Early on, companies need the help of experts in product strategy, UX, HR and storytelling, but can't take them on full-time. Our team includes top-notch operators in these areas who provide hands-on support with this heavy lifting.

First Employees

Your core employees are key to your success, but these are often lonely positions. We run programs to find, support and develop these employees so they can become force multipliers.

Symbol Programs

Ideation and validation

We run workshops for founders to help formalize frameworks and provide the investor and operator perspective on the process of finding and validating startup ideas and specific markets and concepts.

Core Employee Groups

Being a core employee is a unique experience. We have dedicated peer groups for non-founder Product and Business Ops employees. Companies outside of our portfolio are welcome to join these groups.

Looking for Co-Founder

We meet many entrepreneurs in search of “the one” (or two) with whom to start a company. We often leverage our networks for matchmaking purposes, based on domain, expertise or interests.