20.6.2024 9:00-18:00

Cinematheque Tel Aviv

The zero to one builders conference

Hello Builders

Buildcon is the first tech conference dedicated entirely to builders – founders, early employees in various roles, executives, and founder-curious operators – as they make their journey from Zero to One.

To say it takes a village to build a startup is cliche. But it’s also true. So we encourage founders and employees from all domains and roles to attend together.


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Buildcon is a non-profit, limited capacity, free admission event, for the benefit of the ecosystem in this challenging year. Startup and scaleup employees, founders, and future-founders will be prioritized, while striving to maintain gender balance.

Please note that all sessions will be conducted in Hebrew, except when noted otherwise.


About Symbol

Symbol is a first-check VC backing outstanding Israeli founders starting pre-consensus companies, and helping them build from Zero to One.