Early stage startups are often built around the expertise of the founder(s), with little bandwidth to find and afford top experts in other key areas. To help bridge the gap, Symbol offers a host of microservices to help portfolio companies with the heavy lifting. These microservices touch on the most critical aspects of an early stage startup: Hiring, Product, UX/UI, Messaging/Positioning, and business development.

Below are the microservices we offer. More here on our microservices approach.

Product and UX

  • User research
  • Design review
  • Designer hiring and mentoring 
  • Product flow breakdown 
  • Understanding personas
  • Ongoing UX guidance

Messaging and GTM

  • Crystallize the company’s story
  • Competitor and differentiator analysis
  • Sales and marketing collateral
  • Pricing research and strategy
  • Go to market channel analysis

Team building

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Recruitment process structuring
  • Interviewing and closing talent
  • Compensation benchmarks
  • Culture building


  • Fundraising pitch deck
  • Investor intro blurbs
  • Angel and VC mapping
  • Follow-on investor introductions
  • Co-investor introductions
  • Data room best practices