We're proud to be first-check investors in these companies:
Investments made by our GP prior to Symbol


Breeze is reinventing cargo insurance through a fully automated and digital insurance solution and an industry-first machine learning platform.
Founders: Eyal GoldbergNoam Grabinsky, Max Avgustevich
We led Breeze's Seed round.


Jiga is building an all-in-one purchasing solution for advanced manufacturing.

Founders: Adar Hay, Assaf Guez, Yonathan Wolowelsky
We led Jiga's Seed round.


Squire is helping older adults lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives by unlocking access to technology and experiences.
Founders: Yair Cohn, Dan Feldshtein
We led Squire's Pre-seed round.


WisePal helps American families save money on recurring expenses by enabling quick and easy switches to cheaper alternatives.
Founders: Amihay Shmidman, Amit Udai
We led WisePal's Pre-seed round.


Nilus is building a plug-and-play platform that automates reconciliation, reporting, and payment workflows for finance teams.
Founders: Daniel Kalish, Danielle Shaul
We invested in Nilus' Seed round.


Cinch is a stealth-mode company operating in the logistics and finance spaces.
Founders: Ohad Azgad, Ran Amar
We led Cinch's Pre-seed round.


Cardinal is a stealth mode company in the corporate productivity space.
Founders: Nadav Weizmann, Mor Sela
We led Cardinal's Pre-seed round.


CardinalOps helps organizations eliminate detection coverage gaps with automation and MITRE ATT&CK.
Founders: Michael Mumcuoglu, Yair Manor
We invested in CardinalOps' Seed round.


Sightful is working to elevate human productivity by redesigning Augmented Reality for mainstream consumption.
Founders: Tamir Berliner, Tomer Kahan
We invested in Sightful's Seed round.


Remesh helps companies understand what their audience is saying in real-time using AI to organize and analyze the responses.
Founders: Andrew Konya, Gary Ellis
Yuval led Remesh's Seed round (through LionBird).


NextSilicon is pioneering a radically new approach to HPC architecture that drives the industry forward by solving its biggest, most fundamental problems.
Founder: Elad Raz
Yuval invested in NextSilicon's Seed round.


AssuredAllies combines data science, personalized technology, and human touch to unlock the benefits of healthy aging for individuals, families, and insurers.
Founders: Roee Nahir, Afik Gal
Yuval led AssuredAllies' Seed round (through LionBird).


Stoa enables real estate investors to scale their fix-and-flip businesses fast with low-rate loans and less risk.

Founders: Or Agassi, Tom Sella
Yuval invested in Stoa's Seed round.


FundGuard is the new era investment accounting utility for asset managers and their service providers.
Founders: Lior Yogev, Yaniv Zecharya, Uri Katz
Yuval led FundGuard's Seed round (through LionBird).


Approve.com provides companies with simple, customizable procurement processes for your organization.
Founders: Bar Winkler, Shlomi Amsalem, Amit Mittelman
Yuval invested in Approve.com's Seed round.


Blanket is a stealth-mode company operating in the real estate tech space.
Founders: Lior Abramovich, Sagi Medina
We led Blanket's Seed round.